Booking Conditions

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These Booking Conditions apply to all bookings on ferries vehicles, trailers, passenger animals and things. These booking conditions apply to Customers can book both on the Company's web site is at the company's call center. 

Your reservation for a ferry trip is an agreement not only with the Taghetti Mare - Mixos Ivo Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l., but with the travel operator. Our society does not constitute the main part of the contract. Your contract exists with the travel operator. All bookings are subject to seat availability and the following conditions apply in addition to the operator's naval conditions. The company is not responsible for any errors or omissions operator naval and acts only as an agent for the travel operator. If, notwithstanding the above mentioned, we consider that the company is part of the primary contractor, the company enters the contract only in accordance with these booking conditions. 

Rates and General Information
Rates are based on the vehicle type, the number of passengers on the ferry routes, the travel dates and times. Your reservation You can request to leave and/or return to or within specific dates and times. In case of noncompliance with such dates and times, you may be refused travel and/or you will undergo a change of booking details and accommodation, and/or will be subject to additional charges. In particular, they can be lost the benefits of any promotional rates and there may charge the full cost of the ticket. You can not make reservations or purchase of certain services without booking at the same time placing on board.
Space for cars and passengers and onboard accommodation are subject to an assignment and therefore can not always be available. The promotional rates are subject to additional special conditions included a general requirement that if any portion of the itinerary is not used, we reserve the right to delete. The company claims the right to change our rates according to market conditions or costs or factors outside of our control, (including, but not limited to, currency fluctuations, oil prices imposed by the operator, the operator naval imposed cost increases and the laws of the government). 


The reservation system Traghetti Mare - Mixos Ivo Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l. It is available online on weekdays, weekends and holidays for 24 hours. If not chosen the online issue of the procedure ticket Traghetti Mare - Mixos Ivo Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l. accept the booking request only after checking availability with the travel operator at the time of ticketing.
If you can not issue the ticket Traghetti Mare - Mixos Ivo Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l. It will only return any receipts.

Departure times 
All departure/arrival times are estimated by travel operator and are given in local time: you must refer to your booking confirmation. It is advisable to check with your travel operator before starting the journey if they participated timetable changes. Departure times can be interrupted and/or the crossing time extended or canceled due to adverse weather conditions and/or conditions of the tides and/or other circumstances. It may be necessary to use other vessels or points of departure or arrival of any crossing or change/releasing the services for various operational reasons, technical or programming.
The company disclaims any liability that still occur for any costs or inconvenience caused as a result of these circumstances, but we will try to warn you, if possible in practice, using data for a contact provided by you at the time of booking. 

The transport of animals must be in compliance with legal requirements and any applicable requirements naval operator concerned. Please seek advice from your veterinarian or a competent authority. You are responsible for the law of the animals and entirely responsible for obtaining any document, consent and permission as may be required. 

Confirmation and payment 
All reservations must be paid in advance when booking before issuing a confirmation. Payment can be made by credit/debit card.
When you contact the company to make a reservation, we require payment in full, after which we will issue a confirmation notice that sets out the details of the reservation and provides other information based on the data provided by you.
If the payment is made by credit card, they will be imposed additional charges for credit cards and the sum or the balance payable will be taken from the card at the time of booking. If payment is made by debit card, no additional charges will be imposed for the paper.
All bookings are subject to a fee reservation.
After the confirmation of all the details done electronically through our website or by e-mail or on the phone, it may be considered that have come into force a confirmation based on these booking conditions without issuing tickets. 

Ticket Delivery
Normally Traghetti Mare - Mixos Ivo Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l. send your tickets by e-mail. The e-mail attachments may contain direct or an address where you will be able to print.
If you have requested the company can send the tickets by mail or courier based on the data provided by you in this case you will be required to refund the shipping cost.
Traghetti Mare - Mixos Ivo Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l. not be liable for non delivery of tickets.

If the ticket purchased allows cancellation, the ticket may be canceled and refunded to the operator Naval conditions. A minimum penalty for cancellation more than any other penalty imposed by the operator. Promotional tickets or special offer could not be redeemable and please check with the travel operator at the time of booking if additional conditions are provided which can result in a refund is not currently done. 

Increase the premium for changes 
Any changes in bookings are entirely at the discretion of the company and ship operator and is based on availability. For any change to the reservation must be made to pay a minimum premium increase plus other naval imposed by the operator charges. Some reservations, such as promotional or special rate can not be changed; you should check with the company at the time of booking if the booking itself can be modified or not. 

The minimum check-in is indicated on your booking confirmation, otherwise we can not guarantee boarding because passengers on the waiting list can be accepted.
The travel operator, in its absolute discretion may decide whether to accept or not any passenger on board, his vehicle or his luggage. It must have all the necessary documents to enter the countries you want to visit and to return to the country of departure.
If you are not in possession of valid documents you can not get on board. The passenger is solely responsible to have access and to provide the relevant documentation required to travel. 

You are responsible to society and the ship operator to fully comply with these Booking Conditions and any additional requirements imposed by the operator or by the naval laws. You also have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information relating to your reservation, including the vehicle and passengers. You agree to indemnify the Company and/or the travel operator in the event of a breach or false or omitted information. 

Mandatory law 
Your booking and these booking conditions are subject to mandatory laws or conventions which may come into force for bookings for ferry crossings. Please pay attention specifically to the Athens Convention of 1974 on Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea, which imposes obligations on the carrier and at the same time limiting its responsibilities.

Jurisdiction and Law 
These Booking Conditions and any act or contract to which they refer shall be governed by Italian law and any dispute of the results thereof will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts. 

These terms and conditions shall be deemed severable. If any provision is deemed to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted, however, by the Law, without sacrificing the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.